Welcome to CODESTP

Triple Helix Model of Innovation

A leading provider of specialized technology zone facilities to technology-driven companies and individuals in Pakistan.


Welcome to CODESTP

Welcome to CODESTP, a leading provider of specialized technology zone facilities to technology-driven companies and individuals in Pakistan. Our vision is to create specialized zones that are registered with the Special Technology Zone Authority Pakistan (STZA) and Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), providing all necessary governmental institutional and legislative support for the technology-driven sector.

Benefits of STZA

Join CODESTP and enjoy affiliation with Special Technology Zone Authority

Zero Percent Tax

0% tax on production equipment import for hassle-free business operations

VAT Waiver

VAT Waiver for up to 10 Years to reduce costs and improve profits.

Rent Subsidy

Host your business in our state-of-the-art building with rent subsidies from the government

Promoting diversity & Inclusion Within These Companies

As a registered and approved provider of STZA and PSEB, we are committed to providing world-class facilities, including cutting-edge infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology, to our clients. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing unmatched support, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible experience while conducting their business operations.


Technology Zone Authority

We believe that providing a specialized technology zone can greatly increase productivity and decrease the cost of production for technology-driven companies. Our goal is to provide all necessary government incentives to create an environment that fosters growth and innovation.

Free Internet/Bandwidth

Enjoy subsidies on bandwidth and free-of-cost internet for uninterrupted connectivity.

Developer Zone/Industry Expert

Be a part of our developer zone and work alongside other industry experts

Business Growth

Get incentives from the government to promote your business growth

Startups/Seed Fundings

Benefit from our startup, incubation centers, and seed funding support to kickstart your business

The Tech Entrepreneurship Journey at COSDETP

At CODESTP, we have created an environment that supports aspiring entrepreneurs every step of the way through numerous opportunities to turn passions into successful businesses.

Innovation Programs

CODESTP Innovation Academy

The first & largest tech-entrepreneurship program in the Asian region, challenging and supporting participants to create a new startup in just 10 days.


A 3-month program offering intensive training and mentorship, enabling promising innovators to transform tech-based ideas into commercially viable businesses.


ELV8 is a brand new 12-month growth accelerator program from CODESTP. It serves as a launchpad for the global growth of Pakistan’s tech startups, in order for them to expand their business into new international markets, and will be delivered in partnership with Silicon Valley-based Plug and Play.

Research to Startup

The Research to Startup initiative was conceived with the express purpose of bolstering Pakistan’s research community. Our goal is to provide an integrated platform for the commercialization of intellectual property, fostering the birth of new tech startups in the process.


Incubation Center

The CODESTP Incubation Center serves as a technology-centric beacon, dedicated to nurturing and promoting tech entrepreneurship within Pakistan.

Our strategic focus lies in expediting the establishment and expansion of promising tech startups, enabled through swift integration into the CODESTP Free Zone. We offer a synergistic co-working environment along with comprehensive business facilitation and support services. These include an inclusive access to a network of seasoned mentors, diverse funding programs, targeted training, and state-of-the-art prototyping facilities. By providing such robust resources, we endeavor to propel these startups towards sustainable growth and success.

Funding Programs

Product Development Fund

The Product Development Fund (PDF) operates as a cost-sharing initiative, where CODESTP contributes up to 50% of the total budget in the form of a grant. This strategic financial assistance is designed to incentivize local startups and SMEs within the private sector to create products and services that directly cater to the demands of the local market.

This fund seeks to stimulate the development and launch of innovative, high-tech products and services. Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in bolstering the commercialization of technologies that are primed and ready for market entry. Through the PDF, we aim to inspire a new wave of local entrepreneurship that meets market needs head-on.

Tech Venture Fund

The CODESTP Tech Venture Fund (TVF) is a strategically formulated venture capital fund with the dual mission of bolstering local innovative startups and appealing to international startups aiming to expand their footprint in the region.

This fund opens up a world of opportunities for tech founders and entrepreneurs, both locally and internationally. By providing access to seed-stage funding and follow-on capital, the TVF is a vital resource for those seeking to kickstart or accelerate their business journey. Its existence underscores CODESTP’s commitment to fostering a vibrant, globally connected startup ecosystem.



We are committed to the triple helix model of innovation, fostering collaboration among academia, industry, and government. Our goal is to create an environment that encourages collaboration, innovation, and growth, enabling our clients to achieve their fullest potential.

A Decade of Catalyzing Concepts into Tangible Results

CODESTP’s considerable accomplishments have led to profound, wide-ranging effects, instrumental in repositioning Pakistan as a global epicenter for technological innovation. These achievements underscore the transformative power of CODESTP’s initiatives, effectively reshaping the country’s tech landscape on a global scale.


Currently, CODESTP serves as the strategic base for an array of companies, including 20 multinational corporations.



Through the strategic investments and incubation opportunities facilitated by CODESTP, a range of innovative products have been developed and successfully commercialized for the Pakistani market.


3.7 Billion PKR

Investments have been made into research, development, and innovation activities by international companies that are registered at CODESTP.



people have worked at CODESTP-based companies since 2018.



investments made by CODESTP in regional companies through its partnership with Silicon Valley-based venture fund 500 Startups.



Pakistani startups all with a tech-focus, incubated at CODESTP.



A leading provider of specialized technology zone facilities to technology-driven companies and individuals in Pakistan.

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